Group / Teambuilding Events

Group Experience

Some glassblowing is a team activity. Many projects require two or more artists to work together to achieve the finished product. We offer customized options to fit your needs. For instance, glassblowing is a physical activity. If your members aren’t able to perform in the hotshop, we offer glass fusing as an option. This is less physical but just as creative and challenging as blowing glass.

Hands-On Demonstration 

For groups of 5 or more that include girl scouts, boy scouts, senior citizens groups, girls’ night out, birthday parties, bridal showers, school field trips, etc. we offer demonstrations or hands-on demonstrations.

Demonstration: includes the opportunity to see our glassblowers demo one of our production items while giving you a play-by-play of what is happening. You will see them make a piece from start to finish. During this process, you have the opportunity to ask any questions.

This is $13 per person.

Hands-on demonstration: includes watching the demonstration, plus the opportunity to work with hot glass. Your group can choose which project they would like to do, which includes… 


Fused TILES $30 Ea





There is also the option of making fused tiles in the flat shop in addition to or instead of the project in the hot shop.

You must have 5 people minimum for either type of demonstration. Everyone must be 5 years or older to participate in the hands-on demonstration.

How It Works

Give us a call and let us put together a package that suits your needs. From a two-hour project to an all-day, catered event, we can create a team-building experience to be remembered. We can set it for the hot shop which is working with hot liquid glass, and the flat shop which is working with various forms of cold glass, or we can set it for both.

If you are intending on bringing food and beverages or catering we can accommodate you to fit your group’s needs regardless of the occasion. 

We also have a banquet room that you can rent. Discuss and check our room rental and food accommodations upon or prior to scheduling.