The mobile hotshop is a U-haul truck that we have turned into a mobile glassblowing studio.

We take the mobile hotshop to several different venues, for many different events to do glassblowing demonstrations for the public. Our artist/instructors will discuss what they’re doing as they’re working, and also answer questions during and after the demo.

We take the mobile hotshop to festivals, where we have also vended as well.  We’ve even taken the mobile hotshop to schools.

We would love to participate in any events that you have.

You must schedule for us to come out to your location. You MUST give us at least a month if not more notice.


$100 an hour (requires an hour to set up, and another hour to tear down).

The mobile hotshop is for demonstration purposes ONLY. If you are interested in participating in making an item, you will need to come to our studio.

Look at the Classes and Demos and Tours section on our website for more information.


Full Length Measurement: 28 Feet
Trailer Height: 8’1″
Width: 7’7″
Deck / Stage height: 2’9″
Unfolded Stage area: 11 Feet
Capacity Volume: 1418 cubic feet
Weight: 13,500 lbs

Fuel: Unleaded
Fuel Tank Capacity: 60 Gallons
Miles per Gallon: 8 mpg
Total Height: 10’10”
Internal Working Length: 24’1″
Internal Height: 8″4″
Gloryhole diameter: 13″
Furnace: 85 pounds of glass
Annealer: 14″ x 20″ internal space