Fiona pendantFiona is sassy and glassy and now you can take her anywhere
as a roly poly pendant.

Fashion Fiona out of molten glass in Neusole’s exclusive workshop. This 3 hour workshop begins with the basics. First, learn the fundamentals of flame working by making a simple hippo charm, decorated with the available color of your choice. Then watch the instructor create Fiona in glass as she explains the steps and helps you become more familiar with flame working techniques. Now its your turn! You will add expressive eyes, adorable ears and sturdy legs to your Fiona pendant, which we guarantee you will love to wear and display.

Neusole Glassworks will donate 20% of the proceeds from each class to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden Conservation Fund to provide continued support for Fiona and her friends.

Each class size is limited to 2 students. Ages 12 and up. Pendant available for pick up in approximately 7 days. $150 per student.

The Fiona workshop begins on Monday July 22nd through the month of August. Call to Schedule 513 751-3292 or email

Fiona is available in our gift shop for $75