It’s official! We are now open. There are however some things that will be different.
Due to the costs associated with making our facility as safe as we possibly can, we will be raising most of our class costs and rental fees. This cost covers the ppe, equipment modifications, facility modifications and the sanitizing process.

Please bear with us as we work through some of the mechanics.

Some of the facility changes that we have made in order to make Neusole a safe facility include installing iWave ionization generators in our hvac system and replacing our regular filters with good air cleaning filters. This will guarantee that the air is safe within the entire building. We have also installed portable Air filtering HEPA machines in the private offices and the front lobby.
We’ve also converted two of our four bathrooms to touchless in order to reduce the spread of germs. Lights, fan, water faucet, soap dispenser, towel dispenser and toilet have all been made touchless. We’ve got equipment doing everything for you…..well almost everything! 🥴

Many sanitizing stations are in strategic locations throughout the building for public use and there are touchless stainless steel trash cans for you to discard your used ppe.

And the biggest changes of all are that no one will be admitted without an appointment and masks are mandatory!

We look forward to sharing our skills with you and giving you a most enjoyable experience!