Witch ballThe Witch Ball is used for protection against evil spells, witches, negativity, sickness, and ill fortune. Legend is that the beauty of the balls attracts negative spirits, and the orb mesmerizes the evils with its swirling colors and uniqueness. After the spirit is drawn to the ball and touches it, the Witch Ball absorbs and traps the spirits energy.

Fairy Orbs resemble Witch Balls, however, the myth has changed in a positive way. Instead of the beauty of the Witch Ball attracting witches and evil, Fairy Orbs attract fairies and luck. The orbs remind fairies of flowers and they come to inspect the wonderful colors. The fairies find the Fairy Orb to be a wonderful treat and reward its owner by bestowing him or her with luck. Make your own with hot, molten glass, with the help of our professional glassblowers. $45 per person, scheduled in 30 min. slots. Ages 10 and older. Payment due upon scheduling. Call 513-751-3292 or email.