Group Demonstration: Hands-On Demo

Neusole staff members will demonstrate an advanced thematic form in our hot shop. Following the demonstration, participants will have an opportunity to make something. There are many things to choose from in the hot shop including flowers, pumpkins, paperweights, and...

DIY Hot Shop

You’ll learn how to gather glass from the furnace, getting in/out of the bench, turning the steel independently, color application, basic shaping, finishing and removing glass from steel. Time: 4 hours. Class fee $250.

Dry Plaster Casting

You will create collages by pushing small objects into dry plaster. Each student will create one 10” cast tile. Time: 1 hour. Class fee $85.

Relief Casting

In this workshop you will work with oil clay to create a relief image which will be cast in solid glass. Each student will make one 10” form that will be cast in clear glass. Time: 2 hours. Class fee $175.


You’ll learn color application and use of basic tools to create flowers and roses. Each student will make two flowers and one rose. Time: 2 hours. Class fee $100.

Glass Blown Ornaments

In this class you will learn color application, basic shaping and inflation of a bubble, and adding a hook to the shape. Each student will make two ornaments. Time: 2 hours. Class fee $125*.