Neusole Glassworks - Classes - Cincinnati, OH
Neusole Glassworks - A 501c3 non profit operating foundation
We offer a wide range of classes in glassblowing, fusing, and flameworking. We guarantee enjoyment in any class that you take with our well-trained, professional, and excellent instructors, whom are also the artists of Neusole. 
You must make an appointment for classes, private lessons, or demos.
*NO previous experience is required for ANY class, demo, or private lesson.

*We do not have an on-line schedule.
*To schedule and check class availability you need to contact us.
Our number is 513-751-3292
See our "About Us" page for office hours.

Sampler and Project Classes
These classes include all of the flameworking (work with rods of glass and a handheld torch), glassblowing aka hotshop (work with melted glass), fusing (work with various forms of flat and powdered glass), and project classes you may have seen on Groupon, Living Social,AAA, etc.
These classes are scheduled weekly and on every day of the week, between 10 am and 8 pm, generally running every 2 hours (unless the coupon mentions otherwise).

*If you have a coupon for a "hotshop," "flameshop," or "flatshop" project class, please let us know which project you would like to make when you call to schedule.
  • Also, if other people will be joining you, you all will have to make the same project.

*You cannot make a different item than those listed on the coupon. 
*If your coupon does NOT list projects to choose from or you are unsure of what your options are, do not hesitate to contact us and check.     
Pictures of the projects made in the "hotshop project class" have been posted on the "Class Projects" tab beneath the "Classes" tab on this website if you'd like to take a look at them before calling to schedule.

*You will need to PRINT your coupon, gift certificate, etc., and bring it in with you when you come to take your class. 
  • If you are unable to print your coupon, you may send it to us via email (

Neusole Workshops
Below is a class list which contains classes that are offered directly through Neusole. 
*You cannot use a coupon nor are there any coupons available for these classes.
You purchase these through us.

These are scheduled weekly and on every day of the week. Times vary between 10 am and 8 pm.

This is Neusole's Workshop list!

"Basic" Classes
These classes are available every day of the week.
These classes are NOT "sampler classes," and there are no coupons, nor can any be used for them. 
They are offered directly through Neusole.
These classes are 4 hours long and are scheduled every four hours between 10 am and 8 pm.
More extensive techniques are taught in these classes.
Basic Hotshop Class: $250
Sudents will sample different glassblowing techniques.
They will make a paperweight and flower, and one small blown form of their choosing: a cup, ornament, vase, or floppy bowl.
All materials are included.
Basic Fusing Class: $250
The first two hours will be spent learning how to cut glass and make a decorative fused tile and a slumped form project. Then the student will work on a project, choosing from a nest bowl, mobile, picture frame, or painted tile.
All materials included.
Basic Flameworking Class: $250
Students will work with a torch. Time is spent learning torch saftety before students are taught both beadmaking and pendant work.
All materials included.

Beginning Glassblowing: $400

This 6 hour class is an introduction to glassblowing. Class will cover shop safety, proper use of equipment, and the basic processes involved in blowing glass. Working in teams of two or three, students will take turns both assisting and creating a series of glass projects. By the end of the course, students will have completed several skill building exercises and some projects.
Private Lessons
PRIOR EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED for a private lesson in flameworking, fusing, or glassblowing.
It is $50 an hour for a private lesson for 1
It is $75 an hour for a private lesson for 2
No materials are included, with the exception of clear glass in the hotshop.
These can be scheduled on any day of the week between
10 am - 8 pm.

Time: Private lessons must be 2 - 4 hours
Schedule a week or so in advance.
Fusing:                    4 years and up
Flameworking:        10 years and up
Glassblowing:          6 years and up
The age ranges are the same for every class listed above, including the private lessons.
Studio Time
Like the classes listed above, studio time must be scheduled.
Studio time is available for glassblowing, fusing, or flameworking.
It can be scheduled any day of the week; restrictions apply.
*Studio time can only be scheduled after proving efficiency.
It is $15 per hour and includes a torch, tools, gases, and annealing. Materials can be purchased on site or byom.
It is $25 per hour. No materials are included
Does include tools, one fused firing, and one slump firing if needed.
It costs $65 per hour for the medium glory hole and $95 per hour for the large glory hole-includes 10 pounds of clear glass per hour.
It includes one normal annealing cycle set by our staff.
It does NOT include an assistant, tools, or color.
Must be booked in a minimum of 3 hour increments.
*Special classes are taught as requested. Please call if you are interested in learning something that is not listed above.
College Classes
We teach college accredited classes for the College of Mount Saint Joseph in Cincinnati. Students come to our facility to learn the glass arts. We offer classes in kiln casting and forming, glassblowing, and flameworking. You must be a registered college student to take these classes. Students registered in any college participating in the Greater Cincinnati College Consortium may take classes through the Mount.